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ARC Audio Moto720 Amplifier

ARC Audio Moto720 Amplifier. Arguably the best 4 channel amplifier made that will fit in the fairing of your Harley Davidson motorcycle. 180x4, high and low pass filter. High and low level input.


  • Multi-Channel Amplifier (Four-Channels)
  • Microprocessor Class-D Design.
  • High-Frequency Power Supply Design For Improved Signal Transparency And Overall Sound Quality.
  • Built-In Internal Fan For Additional Cooling
  • Microprocessor Controlled Auto Sense Turn-On Technology (DC, Signal, Hard Trigger selections)
  • Full-Range Amplifier Design
  • PP Coated And Treated Design Components For The Highest Level Of Environmental Protection
  • Single Side Plug And Play (PNP) Connection Design.
  • Water Tight Direct Connect Speaker Terminals.
  • Balanced Differential Signal Input Design.
  • Audiophile Class-D Output Filter Networks.
  • Detailed Microprocessor Controlled Protection.
  • Large, High-Frequency Switching Power Supplies.
  • Differential Inputs allow for RCA and Speaker level inputs (Switch Selectable)
  • Fault Codes Storage Of The Last Protection Code Detected
  • High Signal To Noise Ratio Without Compromising Power Output.
  • Fully Balanced Input Stage Significantly Increases Flexibility
  • Bridged Mode Auto Detect Turn-On Works With Most Chip Based OEM Head units.
  • Precision Filtering Isolates The Power supply Reducing Unwanted Interference In Radio Reception
  • 4-Channels @ 4 Ohms: 150 Watts
  • 4-Channels @ 2 Ohms: 180 Watts
  • 2-Channel @ 4 Ohms (Bridged): 360 Watts (Bridged)
  • 2-Channel @ 2-Ohms (Bridge): Not Recommended
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20kHz
  • Crossover Range: 50Hz - 550Hz