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ARC Audio 6.5” Adapter Rings

ARC Audio 6.5” Adapter Rings - For Use Of 6.5 Inch Speakers In Place Of Factory 5 1/4" Speakers In The Stock Locations Without Modifications Or Customization.

Made Of Durable Hi-Pressure Hi-Temperature ABS.

Replaces Factory Speaker Spacers On Fairing Based 1999-2013 HD Street Glide and Roadglide Motorcycles.
Features Contoured Reduction Shaping To Allow For Smoother Sound Transition To The Factory Speaker Opening Without Narrow Platform Step Mounting Like Other Competitor Speaker Rings.
Smooth Contoured Funnel Reduction Shaping Prevents Speaker From Resting On Sharp Edges, Reduces Potential Frequency Cancellation, And Improves Overall Output Of New Larger Speakers.
Slim Profile Design Allows For Most Higher Performance Larger Format Speaker Installations Without Fitment Issues.
Allows For Increased Midbass Response From Installation Of A Larger Speaker Without The Need Of Large Format (8"+, 6"x9") Speakers Installed Into Your Saddle Bags..
(Speakers Sold Separately)