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SinisterSound Fairing System 98-13 Street Glide / Ultra


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SinisterSound Fairing System 98-13 Street Glide / Ultra

SinisterSound fairing systems are made to be clear and enjoyable at highway speeds. Will play extremely loud, and clear. This system Includes ported speaker enclosures. The enclosures allow the system to play deeper and louder without damage to the speakers. Any fairing system, on the market, can not compete without taking advantage of use of speaker enclosures. System uses SinisterSound's top end 6.5" neodymium driver, with 1.5" voice coil. Very quick moving driver. When played loud, it is where it needs to be. Other brand simply can't move fast enough, and end up sounding poorly, when you need them to perform. Includes 1" soft dome tweeter, with partial horn. We chose a large soft dome, so it would not be so harsh as others when played loud. The partial horn is there to make it louder. These speakers have been carefully paired.  This allows for a simple crossover design.  A simple crossover design allows your amplifier to perform best. Less is more here, as long as the speaker selection was well thought out. Fairing system includes speaker covers, and mounting brackets as well. Amplifier not included.

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