Sinister Sound gives you the best for your motorcycle, not just empty hype. At Sinister Sound the work has been done. Your system will be heard, loud and clear. Your music will sound full and dynamic at high volumes. Our speaker systems have been designed to play loud with ease, compared to others. This is important for many reasons. Available amplifiers, for the application, limited charging system and competing sounds are just a few of these reasons. Often just two speakers have to get the job done. With this understanding, we tune enclosures when possible, often resulting in more than twice the mid-bass as other systems. Much research and testing has been done to give our customers a speaker system that sounds amazingly clear and powerful.

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Simple use of factory locations

Others may want to remove gauges and add additional speakers. If that is your wish, fine, but you don't have that need with Sinister Sound.

Installation and radio flash service available

Sinister Sound does installation in house, and at JYC in Harrison Ohio.

We design and test our own products

Parts are designed, then tested on our bikes before sold to the customer. Sinister Sound can design and manufacture many parts at our facility.